Security & Guarding

IFAS Security has a highly trained division that can deliver services in accordance with a client requirements. IFAS takes pride in the quality of the Security Officers that constitute our guarding service division. Our hiring process ensures that only the best are engaged with our organisation and deployed to yours. We have a pool of highly trained security personnel who are engaged to undertake a range of roles:

Retail Security
Control Operators
Roving Patrol Guards
Static Guards

Event Staff & Crowd Control

IFAS has extensive experience in varied events and can provide outstanding security event management. IFAS provides highly trained and experienced guards for crowd control and security at bars, pubs and venues, our guards are friendly and respectful to customers/clients.

Crowd controllers at Licensed venues and events may be engaged to carry out:
Controlling entry and exit into venues and events
Monitoring and communicating on crowd and individual behaviour, including underage drinking or drug use
Dealing with potentially aggressive, abusive or violent behaviour
Administering and coordinating “first response” first aid or critical care
Coordinating emergency evacuation of a venue or event
Induction, security and safety inspection of site (Risk Management Officer), and liaising with emergency services

Loss Prevention
IFAS brings knowledge on risk mitigation in retail. Our team are highly experienced and can be tailored to suit your needs whether it be visible officers, control room/CCTV monitoring or covert, we are here to reduce your shrinkage and provide solutions.

Mobile Patrols
IFAS Security mobile patrols offer a cost effective alternative to static guarding, where a continuous presence is deemed unnecessary. Activity data outlining dates, times and locations of security checks can be downloaded and presented to the client in report format.  

Traffic Controllers
IFAS supply qualified licensed traffic controllers for your events, our team go above and beyond to ensure a smooth process for all involved and ensures a safe environment for road users, pedestrians and contractors in our proximity.

Concierge Services
IFAS Security understand first impressions last. Our concierge and customer service staff have both security and customer service training.